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Understanding Commercial Flat Roofing and How Maintenance Can Help Avoid Costly Repairs

Commercial flat roofing is not as aesthetically pleasing as residential roofing, however, it is a hardy, dependable, and long-lasting type of roofing, if it is maintained properly. It is a type of roof that has many benefits, it is also easy to erect and used to cover large areas, such as parking spaces, outside eating areas, to cover machinery and equipment, and to protect livestock from the elements.

Besides its overall practicality and functionality, commercial flat roofing is an affordable choice, when compared to other types of roofing materials. However, these need just as much maintenance as other roofing material to keep repairs costs down to a minimum.

Understanding Commercial Flat Roofing Can Help Avoid Costly Repairs

Metal flat roofing essentially has a long life span, especially when property owners understand how to maintain them and what can be done to prevent their roof from becoming damaged. Most commercial property owners with flat roofing don’t think about their roof until a leak is discovered, that is because metal roof are tougher that other roofing materials, but these can become damaged too.

The best way to prevent a flat roof from becoming damaged, and to avoid costly repairs, is to schedule regular roof inspections to determine the health of the roof and to discover any potential problems, and then have them repaired before these become serious problems. A few of the most common flat roof problems to look out for are listed below:

Flat Roof Ponding

Basically, water ponding on a flat roof means that water is not draining as it should, this is caused by a concave area, which is noticeable even when water is not present by remaining water marks surrounding the area. There are few things that can cause ponding on a flat roof, the main culprit is people walking on the roof, so it is advised not to allow anyone access to your roof unless they are professionals. Thankfully, ponding is easily fixed, but if left unattended it can eventually lead to leaking and corrosion of metal sheeting.

Flat Roof Blistering

Blistering on a flat roof is a condition caused by air being trapped in between felt layers. When air pockets are trap, and then heated, it can expand and ‘blister’. If this happens near or on a joint, water can enter the roof and cause much damage. Regular roof inspections can catch this before any major water damage occurs, thus keeping any repairs to a minimum.

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