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Why Re-Roofing Old Roofs Is Recommended Before Installing Solar Panels


One of the important considerations when thinking about installing solar panels on your house is how you need to prepare your roof for them. Most experts recommend that you re-roof an old roof prior to having the solar panel system installed unless your roof is already brand new and designed to handle the additional weight. Very rarely is the latter the case. The majority of homeowners require roof refurbishment to ensure that all is well after the solar power system is attached and operational. Below, you will discover why the experts recommend re-roofing before powering your house, at least in part, with solar energy.

The Roof Is at the End of Its Lifespan

A major reason to re-roof before installing your solar panels is the fact that you roof has reached the end of its lifespan. It is showing signs of serious wear and tear, and as a result, may be leaking in spots. There is no need to go to the expense of installing a solar panel system when your roof is in this bad of shape. Refurbish the roof first.

Your Roof Needs to Be Able to Support the Extra Weight of the Solar Panels

At times, the sturdiness of the roof with the addition of the extra weight of the panels may be in question even when it is still in good condition. The last thing you want is the sheathing to give way after you pay for the full installation of the panel system for solar power implementation.

Angle of the Roof Might Be in Sufficient to Capture the Sun’s Rays Effectively 

Another reason to re-roof prior to installing the panel system for solar power is to adjust the angle of the roof when the angle is not sufficient to capture the sun’s rays in the ideal fashion for the panels to collect the solar energy efficiently. Your results with a solar energy system would be less than favourable if you install panels at the wrong angle.

Compatibility Is Another Reason to Re-Roof

Ensuring that the roof is compatible with your chosen solar panel system also is an important reason that re-roofing is recommended prior to the installation of solar panels. You will need to consult the installers to find out if your roof is or is not compatible.

For additional info about why re-roofing old roofs is recommended before installing solar panels, consult with Johnson Roofing. We specialise in re-roofing services, new roofs and services for roof maintenance. Our company will guarantee that your roof is suitable and durable enough for the installation of your solar panel system.

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