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Why Should You Choose Galvanised Steel to Guarantee a High-Grade Material for Your Metal Roofing?

26 October 2021

Concrete tiles, although pricey, offer ample protection. However, these are known to have problems in freezing weather and with thaw cycles at higher elevations. And, installing concrete tiles is a long and arduous process, which explains why the installation is expensive. Unlike metal roofs which are much faster and easier to install.

Wood shingles are fragile and have a limited life span when compared to most other types of roofing materials, and, these pose a real fire risk by the very nature of the material – wood. And then there is asphalt roofing, which is typically used on flat roofs of commercial buildings. When compared to these other roofing materials, a high-grade NZ steel roof is superior. Even for all types of residential and commercial buildings. If you want to protect your home, then don’t settle for anything less than the best roofing material available. Galvanised steel, particularly GALVSTEEL, is a high-grade steel roofing material.

Why Should You Choose Galvanised Steel to Guarantee a High-Grade Material for Your Metal Roofing?

The GALVSTEEL product line offers superior corrosion resistance if compared to other types of metal sheeting. It is also a far better roofing material for New Zealand’s climate than asphalt roofing or concrete roof tiles. There are several reasons why steel roofing is the popular choice for property owners, here is what you need to know.

Galvanised Steel is Durable, Light-Weight, and Strong

Amazingly, GALVSTEEL roofing sheets are durable, light-weight, and very strong, which makes these a perfect choice for smaller buildings, such as garage roofs, sheds and other structures that cannot support heavier materials like concrete roof tiles.

Galvanised Steel is Corrosion Resistant

Continuously hot-dipped galvanised GALVSTEEL products are highly corrosion-resistant, and when purchasing these metal roofing sheets, you can order them with extra zinc coating for greater protection against highly corrosive environments.

Galvanised Steel is Affordable

If you are on a budget, then steel roofing is cheaper than ceramic or stone roofing they cost less per metre and are not labour intensive to install.

New Zealand Steel’s products are thoroughly fire-tested according to the International Standard ISO 5660-1:2002. Testing includes heat release, mass loss rate, and smoke production, to meet New Zealand’s building codes.

If you are interested to learn more about GALVSTEEL roofing sheets for your home or commercial building, then schedule a free consultation with roofing experts at Johnson Roofing today. Many property owners in New Zealand will tell you if asked, that steel roofing is the best means to protect a home, especially in areas where it snows. There are many types of roofing materials available. However, it has been proven in New Zealand that metal roofs offer the most protection for residential and commercial buildings.

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