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We have worked with James and his team for a number of years now. They are all great to work with, deliver on time and complete work to the highest standard. For us quality is crucial and Johnson Roofing have not let us down yet.”

Mr. Matson Broederlow
GM of Network Builders

James and his team provide a fantastic service, are reliable, accurate and price competitive. We would recommend Johnson roofing to any prospective client and have no doubt they would prove valuable to any project, large or small.”

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Asbestos roofs used to be a standard in both homes and commercial spaces all over New Zealand and the world that is because asbestos is a tough material that could last several decades if maintained properly. This type of roofing was widely popular between the 1930s and 1970s. Asbestos was also cheaper than most roofing materials at the time, and has the added benefit of being fire-resistant. This is why it was used so extensively in the past.

Today however, asbestos is not used anymore in roofing as it is now known to be a hazardous material, and it should be removed from buildings whenever and wherever possible. Companies like Johnson Roofing Ltd. are advocating the removal of asbestos roofing, for a couple good reasons.

1. Asbestos is a health hazard. When asbestos-containing material is intact, it is generally safe and does not pose any immediate health risks. However, old structures tend to have asbestos roofs in a state of disrepair – and it is dangerous to people’s health. Water damage, physical impact, and exposure to the elements can make asbestos friable. Once it reaches that state, asbestos crumbles easily and releases dust or fibres into the air which can be inhaled or unknowingly ingested.

When inhaled or consumed, fibres can lodge into organs. Unfortunately, the body cannot expel asbestos so these stay in place and cause diseases such as asbestos, lung cancer, or mesothelioma – a rare cancer that can affect the membranes lining the heart, lungs, cheat, or abdomen. Cancers of the oral cavity, esophagus, stomach, intestine, and kidneys have also been linked to asbestos exposure.

The fact that many of these diseases are difficult or impossible to treat, should be enough reason to have your old asbestos roofs removed as soon as possible, and replaced with steel roofing which is safer.

2. Asbestos is now a regulated construction material. Just as foods are often regulated by the government to ensure that they meet current standards of health, laws have been imposed on asbestos use and removal. Given the strict rules on asbestos removal and the hazards to one’s health, it is highly recommended to hire professionals to ensure the safe and proper handling and disposal of asbestos roofs.

Remove Asbestos Roofing and Re-Roof Using Steel Roofing

In Auckland, Johnson Roofing Ltd. provides new and reroofing services, only high-grade materials that meet modern safety standards are used in reroofing residential and commercial properties. Steel roofing is durable, affordable, and safe, it is the best material to use when reroofing your home after removing asbestos roofing.

If you are unsure if your old roof contains asbestos materials, then schedule a free, no obligation roof inspection here at Johnson Roofing.

Now that metal roofs offer more designs, colours and functions, the demand for metal roofs have dramatically increased over the past decade. This is a clear indication that homeowners and builders are becoming more informed and aware about the benefits of installing metal roofing on their buildings.

Even though metal roofing shows promising results, there are still people who are skeptic about the idea of installing metal roofing because of common misconceptions. To help, here are 5 metal roof misconceptions unmask that may be preventing you from making the right choice of installing and enjoying the benefits of metal roofing.

5 Misconceptions about Metal Roofing Unmasked

Expensive – A common misconception about metal roofing is that it is expensive. This not true, quite the opposite, metal roofing can be cheaper to install than slate, concrete and porcelain roofing tiles because it is much faster to install, so the homeowner saves money off reduced labour costs.

Metal Roofs Rust – When it comes to metal, many people have assumed that metal roofs will develop holes quickly because of rust and corrosion. Unlike metal roofing decades ago that had a thin layer of protective coating, today’s steel roofing is enamelled with COLORSTEEL®, making it rust and corrosion resistant and will last up to 60 years.

High Maintenance – Are metal roofs difficult to maintain? If they are constructed using high quality metal sheeting and properly installed, then no. Once installed, you can almost leave your metal roof alone, only washing it and removing debris periodically as needed.

Low Quality – Even though metal sheets are thinner compared to other common roofing materials used, it does not easily bend, warp or crack. When tempered, a metal roof is extremely durable, strong and only requires very little maintenance.

Weather – Is metal roofing optimal for all weather conditions? Absolutely! Many people have assumed that metal roofing is a bad decision for places that experiences constant or heavy rain, wind and snow. And, that it is catastrophic for lighting storms and may attract lightning! On the contrary, metal roofing is weather proof, able to hold the weight of snow, and opposed to popular belief, it does not attract lighting at all.

If, by chance, lighting ever does strike a home, a metal roof will safely dissipate the electric charge, even when not grounded. If you want to know more about the benefits of metal roofing, then contact us here at Johnson Roofing, we are glad to answer any questions you may have.

When it comes right down to it, what portion of your home is more important than your roof? While your house is an elaborately constructed piece of architecture, it is still very important to focus on the quality of your roof. Today we are going to focus on metal roofs and how they can benefit New Zealanders who are looking to improve the quality of their home, the quality of their life, and the quality of their bank account. You probably haven’t spent much time dwelling on metal roofs, so let’s get right in and talk you through the benefits that they offer.

Quality Metal Roofing
When you think of conventional residential roofing, your mind probably wanders to asphalt shingles or slate roofing tiles. These are ultra-popular options for people because they are affordable and relatively attractive. However, in New Zealand you can do a much better job by opting instead to go with metal roofing.

Metal and steel roofing has been a mainstay in warehouse and commercial applications for a long time, but people are finally getting wise to the benefits that it can bring to their residential construction. With a climate like that which New Zealand offers, it can be worth digging into the research to see what benefits could come your way.

Benefits of Metal Roofing
Now that we know a little bit more about the popularity of metal roofing, we can focus on what it can bring to your residence or commercial property. Metal roofing comes in a variety of different prices and styles but the majority of them offer the following benefits.

– Nobody ever mentions steel when they are talking about a weak material. Metal roofing is much more durable than your conventional options — slate, tile, shale and asphalt. Steel won’t wear out and it can withstand the weather shifts that are natural in New Zealand.

Low Maintenance
– If you are going to shell out your hard earned money for a product, you should make sure that you get something that works for you. Metal roofs are low-maintenance because they will not wear out, break down, corrode or rust through. With minimal maintenance and a professional installation, your roof will continue working for you long after you buy it.

Weather Sealed
– If your metal roof is properly sealed and professional installed, you should never have to worry about weather intrusion. You can benefit even more from opting to use special pre-coated roofing like that offered by COLORSTEEL® at professional roofing companies.

Whether you are installing a fresh roof on a new building or re-roofing an old one, it always benefits you to use the best materials available. Many people nowadays are opting to forego conventional roofing, such as asphalt shingles, in order to work with metal roofing. Metal roofing can be just the answer that you need for your home or place of business. Metal roofing offers a ton of benefits and chief among them is the fact that you can get the perfect colour for your material thanks to the work done by COLORSTEEL®. We’ll get to roof colours here in a little bit. First, let’s talk about why metal roofs might be the right choice for you.

Metal Roofing

While there are a variety of different roofing materials to consider when you start working on your home or business, chief among those options is metal. Typically, metal roofs are made out of special steel and this steel is installed by professional roofing companies in order to meet a variety of different demands. Here are a few reasons to consider metal roofing for your next project.

1. Toughness – Metal roofing can withstand a tremendous amount of abuse and this is particularly important in regions where rough weather is frequent. Metal roofing won’t corrode, crack, or rust and you don’t need more than periodic maintenance to keep it in great shape.

2. Longevity
– We are of the mind that you should make one good purchase rather than multiple poor ones. Metal roofs can last upwards of 50 years if installed correctly!

3. Eco-Friendly
– Metal roofing is also a surprisingly green industry. Most metal roofs are comprised of recycled content and as a result your roof won’t end up in a dump somewhere down the line.

Coloured Metal Roofs

We wanted to go ahead and give roof colouring its own section today. Coloured metal roofs are a great way to make your home or business pop off of the street and capture the attention of people who are out and about on their day. While shingles and other building materials are relatively limited in terms of colour options, metal roofs are not. This is particularly true thanks to the COLORSTEEL® brand. COLORSTEEL® has an array of colour options for your roofing needs. COLORSTEEL® makes it easier than ever to ensure that your building’s face and roof have a matching relationship with one another. If coloured roofs might be up your alley then consult with local roofing professionals in order to find the right materials for your job.

Roofing is, without a doubt, the most essential aspects of any building, whether it is residential or commercial. That is why there have been numerous different types of roofing materials employed throughout the ages, each of them with their own distinct advantages and drawbacks. All in all, types of roofing need to be tough, resilient, and in one way or another weather-resistant.

There are a number of materials that have fit this description perfectly, although in the western part of the world, slate, shale, and tile were the primary choice for roofing until well into the modern day. Later, when such materials became scarce, it was replaced by aluminium and galvanised steel sheets, which, while they were weather resistant, where a bit flimsy and not at all ideal for all-weather conditions in area with strong winds.

Today, property owners have access to much stronger steel roofing, a roofing material choice that is used by most buildings in New Zealand, for good reasons.

Why Steel Roofing is the Best Choice for Your Home

Superior durability – steel roofing is far more durable than shale, slate, and tile shingles since it doesn’t warp, crack, break, or buckle. It is thick enough that it can withstand a lot of weight and pressure, such as heavy rains and snowfall.

Fireproof – there isn’t anything better than a fireproof roof. While shale and slate shingles are fire-resistant, they aren’t heatproof, which means that these materials can split from intense heat – something that steel roofing won’t do.

Weather-resistant – a lot of people think that steel will rust, just like iron will. However, well-made steel doesn’t actually ‘rust away’, instead, it will form a thin film of oxidised ‘rust’ on the surface which actually protects all the rest of the metal underneath. However, precoated steel roofing using COLORSTEEL® will not oxidise.

Low-maintenance and energy efficient – prepainted steel roofs with COLORSTEEL® are low-maintenance and energy efficient because of solar reflectance technology that reflects sunlight. This helps buildings stay cooler in the summer.

Aesthetically versatile – prepainted COLORSTEEL® steel roofing is available in a wide assortment of colours. This allows home owners to fully customise the look of their roofing with their home’s exterior design.

If you are considering a new roof, then think of these steel roofing benefits for your home – superior durability, fireproof, weather-resistant, low maintenance, energy efficient, and aesthetically versatile.

For more information about the cost of steel roof installation for your home, please contact Johnson Roofing to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

Dealing with roof problems on your own can be tempting. With the advent of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects that guarantee great results for a bargain, more people are opting for DIY, instead of hiring roofing professionals because they are motivated by the belief that they will save money. But it is exactly this kind of thinking that has gotten hundreds of homeowners into dangerous (and costly) situations; situations that have ended in hospitalization and additional expenses on repairs.

It seems that many property owners are unaware of the hazards associated with rooftop safety, thankfully there is information below to help educate people about the concerns of rooftop hazards.

Common Rooftop Safety Hazards

1. Falls and injury. The risk of falling is great when traversing on roofs, particularly for people who are not trained and equipped properly with safety gear. The lack of safety equipment such as portable railings and a harness can increase your chances of getting slipping and falling when traversing from one part of the roof to the other. However, equipping yourself is not enough.

Without training, you might not only slip and fall when walking on the roof, but you could also unknowingly cause damage to your roof.

2. Roof integrity and ladder placement.
For people without any knowledge or training on how to mount a roof, it can very difficult to determine which areas are solid enough to step on, without causing damaging to the roof. Professionals, on the other hand, can determine if the underlayment of a roof is structurally sound before performing roof maintenance services.

Proper placement of the ladder is also very important, since it too has been known to cause not only roof and gutter damage, but personal injuries when improperly placed and used to mount roofs.

3. Split-level type roofs. Roofs with a split-level design have unprotected sides and edges, which can further increase the risk of falling and damage caused by improper placement of ladders against the roof and gutter.

4. Roof height. The height of a roof can also increase the risk of injury that is because the higher you go the more dangerous it becomes. Any height that reaches 6 feet or more will require protective equipment to prevent falls.

5. Training and preparation.
Cleaning and maintaining a roof is no simple task, and there are many aspects of the process that requires training, to prevent personal injury and property damage. These include edge awareness, or being constantly aware of roof edges to prevent accidents, and the proper application of safety gear.

Thankfully in Auckland, professionals like Johnson Roofing Ltd. are fully equipped and trained to take care of your roofing problems, safely and efficiently.

Years ago, before metal roofing, roof maintenance was a difficult and expensive project. You had to inspect individual shingles for damage after every rain, and then make repairs immediately, which was often a tedious and time-consuming process. Well, metal roofing has changed all of that, thankfully because it is an all-weather and hardy solution that ensures home safety and the security of your family.

And when searching for the various types of metal roofing, it doesn’t get any better than the Colorbond brand. In fact, residential and commercial property owners across the country prefer this roofing option for several reasons.

Tough and Resilient
Metal roofing is known for its strength against environmental damage. However, Colorbond roofing takes it one step further, using advanced building materials that have been tested for half a century in the harshest of Australia’s climatic conditions. It offers protection from strong winds, rainfall and extreme heat better than any other metal roofing material.

Ease of Installation at a Lower Cost

New home owners believe that metal roofs are too heavy by default, and may conclude that they are too difficult to install. However, Colorbond roofing is one of the lightest roofing options available, these are easy to carry, handle and install. In fact, a tiled roof is much heavier than this metal roof sheets, which means that Colorbond would not cause any structural stress or damage to a home, commercial building, or structure such as a car port.

Because it is easier to install metal roofing than any other type of roof material, it takes less time and labour, which equates to lower installation costs.

Impressive Thermal Efficiency

Metal is a good conductor of heat. So, does it mean that you will be paying more on energy bills? This roofing options has been designed to offer insulation features bundled in the Thermatech® technology. This technology ensures that your home of commercial building stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter. With better insulation, you will actually save money off your energy bill.

Low Maintenance

Colorbond metal roofing requires little or no maintenance, and when compared to their traditional counterparts, maintenance costs are much lower. Colorbond treated metal roofing is also resistant to corrosion, and will offer you many years’ service without chipping, tearing, and cracking. Also, the material does not break easily, and it is easy to discover any damaged sheets, as well as to replace them when needed. It is no wonder why Colorbond roofing is the practical choice of New Zealanders.

Without a doubt, the roof is the most important part of any home, building, or structure, which is why the choice of roofing material is paramount. In New Zealand, many residential and commercial property owners trust NZ steel roofing materials to protect their homes and buildings, for good reasons.

Steel roofs are energy-efficient, durable, long-lasting, cost-effective, and more versatile than other types roofing material, and, depending on the grade of steel used, the manufacturer’s warranty can be as long as 30 years or more, if certain requirements are met. One of the main requirements of a manufacturer’s warranty coverage is that the steel roof is professionally installed by a licensed roofing company.

Licensed roofers make sure that the manufacturer’s roofing material is installed correctly on your home or commercial building, and when done properly, a Lifetime Limited Warranty is activated. A manufacturer’s warranty typically covers the original owner against any defects, as well as specific damages such as flaking, chipping, splitting, cracking, and peeling of protective coating. Should failures occur, warranty coverage will provide replacement materials and the cost of labour for any replacement or repairs that are needed.

Property Owners Rely on Manufacturer’s Warranty of Steel Roofing

It is a wise decision when either buying a new home, or reroofing an existing building, to investigate the manufacturer’s warranty first, before agreeing on anything in writing. A licensed roofing company can help you go over what a steel roof warranty covers, and what it does not cover, and, how long the coverage will lasts.

Purchasing property is a big investment, and because it is the roof that protects everything under it, property owners rely not only on the professional steel roof installation, but on the quality of the roofing material and the manufacturer’s warranty to protect all that they own. This especially concerns residential property owners because everything of value they own is under the roof of their home.

This is exactly why it is highly recommended to hire a well-known and proven roofing company based on their passed work, rather than hire the lowest priced licensed roofing contractor or handyman to install your metal roof. While licensed roofers are all required to carry insurance in case of accidents such as workers damaging your property, not all licensed roofing companies deliver the same level of service and craftsmanship.

With that said, there is a roofing company in Auckland you can trust to provide the best steel roof installation that comes with the best manufacturer’s warranty, at Johnson Roofing – Auckland’s premier steel roofing company.